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A Human Approach to Healthcare Technology

Since our beginning, EHR Integration Services has been involved in transforming the way people manage information, develop workflows and enhance knowledge within the medical practice. We realized early on that healthcare information technology is much more than data, computers, software and networks, it's about people.

Our concept of the Perfect Practice is to view your practice as an ecosystem, and design systems and solutions to make using healthcare technology more "human" and less technical. We all know that technology is fundamental to modern healthcare for efficiency, communication and ultimately better patient care.  Our goal is to make using healthcare technology as natural as having a conversation with your patients.


Perfect Practice Initiative

Complex Technology Challenges.
The advancement of technology in healthcare continues to provide exciting opportunities for improvement, while challenging organizations to maintain complex technology systems, comply with regulatory requirements, and provide the highest levels of quality care.

The Perfect Approach
The Perfect Practice Initiative was created to deliver an enhanced and integrated suite of healthcare technology products and services that enable the modern healthcare organization to operate effectively and thrive in this new interconnected world.

Path to Better Care
A Perfect Practice Consultation will start your practice down the road of better patient care and higher profitability. It is the driving force behind the Perfect Practice Alliance. 


Perfect Practice Advisory

Consulting Perfected Over Time
Through years of experience and observation, we have developed a consulting methodology for practice optimization with a holistic approach to people, health care information and workflow processes across the practice.

A Focus on You
Perfect Practice Consulting is the journey that will improve your practice through careful workflow analysis, strategic planning, effective implementation and annual reviews. Our focus is on increased efficiency to reduce workflow fatigue among physicians and staff.

Meaningful Results
The result is enhanced patient care, streamlined workflows, higher patient and staff satisfaction, and ultimately, improved profitability and competitive position.


The Process

Responding To an Urgent Need.
Most of our initial client engagements begin by responding to an urgent practice need for interface development, technology services or productivity applications.

Additional Opportunities Uncovered
During the process of resolving the original issue, we typically uncover additional improvement opportunities and a formal Perfect Practice Consulting dialogue is initiated.

The Perfect Practice Assessment
Following a comprehensive assessment, Charter members create a plan to address the opportunities uncovered to improve practice efficiency and enhance patient care.

Process Improvement Begins
Upon agreement, expert consultants are assigned to deliver performance enhancing technology services and applications

New-PPA-Logo.pngEHR Integration Services is helping define the future of the physician practice through collaboration with the Perfect Practice Alliance - a consortium of Healthcare Technology companies focused on improving patient care and practice efficiency through healthcare technology.

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