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EHR Barcode Reader

Medication and Immunization Management for Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR


A more efficient and safer way to manage immunization and med administration workflows.

EHR Barcode Reader is an add-on application that streamlines the collection and documentation of vaccinations and medications administered directly into Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR via a 2D barcode reader.

The EHR Barcode Reader captures vaccine and med admin data from the vaccine 2D barcode and immediately populates key fields in TouchWorks, including National Drug Code (NDC), and lot and expiration date. This reduces documentation errors and improves vaccine workflow.

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) requires documentation of vaccine product identification and lot number, but manual entry of this information is often incorrect or incomplete. Fortunately, vaccine vials now have 2D barcodes containing all the information needed for documentation.

Features & Benefits

Integrated: seamless integration with Allscripts TouchWorks EHR

Efficient: automatically records vaccine and medication data fields including NDC, Expiration and Lot #

Improves Workflow: allows grouping of multiple immunization orders into a single click in TouchWorks

Quality Data: reduces human error by improving data quality during vaccine entry

Cost Effective: utilizes standard inexpensive 2D barcode technology which is readily available

Customize: allows customized default fields such as Immunization Registry Fields, Dose, Units, Series, Route, Manufacturer Site, VIS, etc.

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Hand-With-Scanner-retouch.jpgScanning the Vaccine Barcode

Scanning the 2D barcode on the vial will populate the Immunization and med admin details screen with the LOT, NDC and Expiration fields. Based on the organization’s configuration, all other fields may default appropriately, but the user can edit them as needed. These include: Series, Dose, Manufacturer, Route, Site VIS Given and VIS Date.


Quickly and easily capture vaccine and medication data directly into TouchWorks

The EHR Barcode Reader captures vaccine and medication data from the 2D barcode and immediately populates key fields required by TouchWorks, including the National Drug Code (NDC), lot and expiration date. This reduces documentation errors and improves vaccine or medication workflows. 

This cost and time saving TouchWorks add-on provides the most efficient approach to the vaccine and medication administration process. The EHR 2D Scanner App is the perfect addition to any medical practice seeking to improve the quality of care for patients.

EHR BarCode Reader Immunization Home Page

Immunization Home Page.jpg

The home page displays each immunization order that is currently in a “Hold For” – administration status in TouchWorks. It also offers an “Immunization Groups” section for a user to generate groups of immunization orders. Eg. Pediatric 2 Month Old – Order can be placed for Prevnar, Pediarix, Rotovirus and HIB with one click.

Immunization Details Screen
Immunization Entry Page.jpg

This screen displays the immunization documentation details. The cursor defaults to the Scanner field in preparation for the user to scan the barcode on the vial. Any additional details can be added to this screen. Once it has been saved, the order will now be a completed order within TouchWorks. 

EHR Barcode Reader Med Admin Home Page

Med Admin Home Page.jpg

The home page displays each Med Admin order that is currently in a “Hold For” – administration status in TouchWorks. It also offers a “Medication Items” section where the user can order and administer a medication with a single click. 

Med Admin Details Screen

Med Admin Entry Page .jpg

The Medication Administration details screen displays all documentation about the medication that was ordered. The Scanner field allows the user to scan the barcode on the vial and the data will flow in. When the medication is saved, the medication order will now be a completed medication within TouchWorks.