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Chart2PDF is an efficient application designed to save healthcare practitioners time, money, and resources on exporting patient records. It seamlessly exports single or multiple patient charts to a PDF file and is fully integrated with Allscripts TouchWorks. The primary function of Chart2PDF is to automate the time-consuming task of converting a patient chart into a single PDF for printing, storage, or electronic transfer. These files can be used for insurance and legal audits, physician and patient transfers, and Meaningful Use Compliance.

With Chart2PDF, you can quickly and securely share patient chart information, upon request. The configured output is completely customizable through a control panel that filters document type, results type, provider, and date range. All configured charts can be previewed prior to exportation. Chart2PDF has use reports and a built-in meaningful use provider score. These provide the disclosure reason for meaningful use.




Chart2PDF Updates and New Features

Chart2PDF was recently updated with several new features that are guaranteed to yield enhanced outcomes in your organization.

Fully Supported Stand Alone Mode: This mode allows users to open Chart2PDF and extract patient records even if you are logged out of Allscripts TouchWorks. The login window will open and prompt users to enter their TouchWorks credentials for authentication purposes.

Extended Patient Searching: There are now more searching options available to find patients including; MRN, Full or Partial Last Name, First Name, and Birthday. Additionally, if there are two or more patients returned in the new search, you can add both patients to the extract.

Save a Document Back to a Patient’s Chart: The purpose of this feature is to enable users to see when an extract has been completed.

Global Document Filters: These filters now appear in the User Interface. These are automatically unchecked in the document or results list. If these documents are wanted or needed, they can be rechecked and will subsequently appear in the extracted chart.

Team Tasking Filtering: When teams are displayed in the drop-down list, they will be filtered to include only active teams. This will allow for more efficient team tasking within Chart2PDF.

Long Result Support: These can now be formatted into their own document.

Organization Specific Output Folders: Batch Output folders can be organized by Organization name or Organization ID.

Client Configurator: This new feature allows you to update your disclosure statements, add or remove Global Document Filters, and stop a batch that is stuck.

Multi-Patient and Large Batch Filtering: Advanced filters can now be used on multi-patient batches. These include specialty, provider, document type, and result type. CVS filtering is limited to specialty, provider, and document type.


Chart2PDF includes many features to allow healthcare practitioners flexibility and convenience

  • Customize configuration of patient charts
  • Custom cover page with practice logo and address
  • Chart personalization features such as patient photo and identifiers
  • Single sign-on with Allscripts TouchWorks EHR
  • Extensive patient searching options
  • Global Document Filters
  • Pay only for what you use with our new pay-per-chart pricing model
  • Ability to save a document back to the patient’s chart


Chart2PDF provides extensive benefits to its users. Utilizing this app will save you or your practice time, money, and resources.

Efficiency: Chart2PDF enables you to quickly respond to patient chart requests. There are two useful workflow options available; On Demand and Batch Automation. The first allows you to create, personalize, and export a single patient chart instantly. The second allows you to select, personalize, and export multiple patient records immediately or at a later scheduled time

Productivity: Free up your staff with Chart2PDF. No longer will staff members be preoccupied with time-consuming tasks such as printing, scanning, and creating one patient chart at a time. This application will allow you to mitigate the inefficient use of staff resources on tedious administrative tasks.

Cost-effectiveness: Reduce your material and labor costs associated with creating, storing, and exporting patient records. Chart2PDF is all digital and does not require significant physical resources in order to function effectively.

Personalization: Patient charts can be personalized with photos and other identifiers. This allows practices to easily identify and organize patient records while adding a much-needed human touch to patient care.

Security and Risk Mitigation: Chart2PDF was developed to protect sensitive patient information. All exported pdfs are password protected so that confidential patient information remains confidential. Additionally, Chart2PDF has several reporting features available including statistics of the application’s use and an audit of all extracted charts categorized by disclosure reason. You can also quickly respond to legal and insurance audits with Chart2PDF.

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