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EHRQIS Quality Information System

Measure & manage the quality of patient care with EHRQIS

QIS-Screen1.jpgStay on top of metrics and improve patient care.

EHRQIS helps solve the problem of monitoring quality metrics through a unique color-coded traffic signal icon that indicates the status of patient care.

Red indicates significant clinical documentation is missing and immediate action is needed. Yellow indicates a few missing items are needing attention, while a green icon indicates all clinical quality measures for the patient have been documented.


  • Increased Productivity – Give physicians and clinicians immediate feedback on patient quality performance measures
  • Reduced Risk – Never again overlook quality measures that are outdated or non-compliant
  • Improved Customer Service – Rely on the EHRQIS to quickly highlight and triage patients’ needs to ensure quality care delivery
  • Return On Investment – Using EHRQIS as a productivity tool to improve provider’s compliance ratings leads to better patient care and supports efforts for MU attestation
  • Real Time Access: Immediate feedback on patient quality performance measures


    Productivity: Mitigate staff resource and skill constraints
  • Ease of Use: Rely on QIS alerts to highlight and triage patient needs

  • Compliance: Support efforts for Meaningful Use attestation

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EHRQIS In Practice

“EHR Integration Services has done a great job with EHRQIS creating an analytics product
that is intuitive, fast, effective and powerful. It works seamlessly with Allscripts TouchWorks EHR.”

- Ken Adler, MD
President Arizona Community Physicians

 EHRQIS Application Overview

QIS Traffic Light Function




Clicking on the traffic signal opens the EHRQIS dashboard that displays all of the active problems associated with a specific patient. The dashboard visually displays and highlights treatment plan issues that need prompt attention. Because the application is integrated into Allscripts TouchWorks EHR, it allows the user to quickly update measures with a few efficient clicks. The information entered through application directly populates the data within the TouchWorks EHR. 


EHRQIS provides a patient report option that shows all problems and measures within a single printable report and also includes a standard disease management report to allow organizations to manage complex chronic diseases more effectively. The EHRQIS metric report includes date, problem and problem filtering capabilities allowing administrative teams to examine organization-wide disease management performance down to the patient level. Providers and clinicians are using the EHRQIS tool daily to more efficiently assess, analyze, capture and report on patient quality data.






Clicking on the QIS tab in the TouchWorks EHR menu structure opens the EHRQIS Dashboard. The Dashboard displays all of the Measures for which the patient qualifies. Often it is grouped by patient population, or Measure Group, and are expanded to see the Measures and status of each to quickly determine those needing further attention. The data driving the dashboard is based on a direct feed from the TouchWorks database.



The tight integration between TouchWorks and QIS allows users to efficiently update patient data via the QIS Dashboard or the TouchWorks EHR floating clinical toolbar. Most discrete data entered via QIS flows back into the TouchWorks DB making QIS a two-way street.





EHRQIS also provides reporting options to help quality management and providers manage the organization and patient populations. One example is the Analytical Measure Report. It includes date, provider, and patient population filtering capabilities allowing QA teams to examine organization-wide disease management performance down to the patient level. 

Nationwide, physicians and clinical staff are using the EHRQIS tool daily to more efficiently assess, analyze, capture and report on patient quality data.