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InteleFiler - The Intelligent EHR Document Filing Solution

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Electronic medical document management requires an effective solution that reduces the time and resources devoted to inputting documents with improved accuracy while preventing data entry and filing errors in medical records. InteleFiler is an intelligent EMR document workflow solution that leverages advanced technology to combine document management and workflow automation to analyze, index, and import documents and data into your EMR. Next, the application associates these documents with a patient’s health record, by confirming orders, tasking providers and documenting everything within your EMR. InteleFiler accepts multiple document types including fax, paper documents, PDF, discrete data, and information from other EMR systems, and automates the process of filing these documents in the appropriate areas within your EMR.


Unfiled EHR Documents - A Growing Problem

Intelefiler_File-Cabinet-icon.jpgWhen the implementation of Electronic Health Records mandate took effect, numerous healthcare providers saw an increasing backlog of millions of unfiled patient medical records every year. This backlog was the result of inefficient manual filing practices. Scanning medical documents by hand is time-consuming and negatively impacts EHR workflow as the healthcare industry advances toward an exclusively digital EMR. Care providers are fully aware of this, with 70% of healthcare professionals surveyed indicating that they were dissatisfied with their overall medical record processing. Their reasons are all the same; the demand for a costly and time-consuming increase in HIM resources that forces managers to spend more time than expected on medical records management. This troubling trend is a growing concern among healthcare professionals, as well as in the broader healthcare industry.

The Problem is Manual Workflow

EHRis_Dr_Tablet_photo.jpgManual workflow processes can cause an abundance of problems in your organization. Manually entering documents into your EHR demands hundreds of hours of staff work while risking incorrect, inconsistent or unfiled patient medical records. There are many steps and decisions associated with document filing and order completion workflow that are prone to errors, delays, and inefficiencies. This results in documents missing from charts, information placed in the wrong location, and providers receiving incorrect or inaccurate data. Manually filing and organizing EHR documents using dated filing technology costs thousands of dollars in staff resources and often results in missing or inaccurate data. As a result, there are millions of unfiled or inaccurate medical records across the United States' healthcare system. These inconsistencies put point-of-care patient services at risk, compromising your practice’s ability to deliver high-quality care, a reality that is increasingly unacceptable in the era of value-based care.



The Intelligent EHR Document Filing Workflow Solution

InteleFiler and Smartfiler™ work together to provide a comprehensive end-to-end intelligent EHR document filing solution and workflow automation.

SmartFiler Workflow
On the front end, Smartfiler accepts documents including fax, paper, PDF, and data from other sources such as EMRs. It then analyzes, categorizes, and indexes the files directly into the EHR.

InteleFiler Workflow
InteleFiler takes the data provided by Smartfiler, associates the demographic data with the appropriate patient record, and then determines whether there are open orders based on the type of document and any rules that have been defined by your practice. The EHR then sends information back to InteleFiler regarding the document type and rules so that InteleFiler can determine order status and tasking, enter into the EHR, and notify the appropriate providers.



 The Intelligent EHR Document Filing Workflow Process




1. Send Us All Your Documents and Data

Scan all of your paper documents, send us your electronic faxes, give us all of your PDFs as well as any information from an EHR or other electronic sources. There's no need to sort or organize your information in any way, InteleFiler will take care of that.

2. Document Analysis


InteleFiler incorporates SmartFilerdocument analysis technology to your front-end workflow. SmartFiler’s automated indexing looks at headers, keywords, logos, data, lines, and grids as it reads and analyzes scanned documents, faxes, and PDFs. When SmartFileridentifies key data such as the patient, document type, date of service and provider, it delivers this information to InteleFiler so your workflow rules can be consistently applied to all of your documents.

Your-Workflow.png3. Your Workflow Rules Applied Automatically
indexes critical information and applies workflow rules to place document and discrete data into your patient's chart. Manual tasks such as order management, physician tasking, and closing workflow and lab orders are automated by InteleFiler, allowing your staff resources to be utilized more effectively. 

Doc-Verification.png4. Document Validation, Indexing, and Import
Our document validation process ensures that all of your documents are properly captured, reviewed for accuracy, and indexed directly into your EHR. Any documents the system doesn't automatically find a match for are verified by technicians to make sure they are accurately indexed. If you have a workflow that requires review and sign-off by providers, we can accommodate that too

InteleFiler-Icon.png5. Intelligent Filing and Tasking with Your EHR
Processed documents are handed off to InteleFiler where they are automatically detected and displayed individually within the application. The patient chart look-up can be done automatically via workflow rules. Alternatively, the user can search for the patient record manually. The reconciling of matching patient orders can also be automated and populated based on workflow rules or they can be entered manually.

 InteleFiler Advantages

  • SaaS requires no additional software or server management on your part.

  • Designed specifically for ambulatory care patient records

  • Highly scalable application built on Kofax platform ( Thomas Bravo)

  • Includes machine learning, OCR, clustering, supervised and unsupervised learning, automatic conflict resolution and more

  • In a SSAE16, HIPAA compliant, and EHNAC ( Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission)  certified facility

  • Connectivity options include SFTP and VPN

InteleFiler Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate patient information delays with guaranteed 4 or 24 hour indexing times

  • Reduce filing times up to 95%, providing much needed time to HIM and other filing staff at clinics

  • Automate your filing habits and policies by gaining access to SmartFiler’s advanced capture applications

  • Boost the accuracy of your filing utilizing technology such as automated logic, OCR, document recognition, and machine

  • Avoid adding additional software, servers, upgrades and more by leveraging SmartFiler’s built-for-ambulatory environment.

  • Automate the filing of faxes, scanned paper documents, PDFs and more with a 99.99% reported accuracy rate

  • Reduced filing errors and operational costs with HIPAA compliant consistent filing results


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