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Give physicians a better results window with high-quality images and diagrams directly into Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR

The PDFViewer utility is a third party add-on application for Allscripts TouchWorks EHR, which leverages the TouchWorks Image Link functionality and a clinical result interface to enable physicians to view high quality images and diagrams for results, often provided by outside companies, such as pathology and cardiology vendors.

Every physician expects the highest quality data from their office administrators, while office administrators are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve profitability. EHR Integration Services offers a custom PDFViewer plug-in that serves your patients, your physicians and your bottom-line.

With PDFViewer, patients have a more complete medical record with a quality PDF document attached to their record, providing physicians with views of the best images possible. Physicians’ decision-making and analysis is enhanced by looking at a PDF rather than obscure scanned images. And of course, office administrators eliminate manual and labor intensive tasks of receiving, scanning and indexing all those images.

ConnectR files the PDF document in a secure SQL database and links it to the result through a unique identifier. When a physician views the results, they click on the Image Link button to display the high-quality color PDF document.


Features and Benefits

See Results: Significantly reduce administrative time on locating image results

Image Clarity: View a high resolution color image versus scanned or faxed images

Ease of Use: Access third party images without leaving your EHR system

Flexible: Integrates with most EHR systems or can be used as a stand-alone 

PDFViewer System Requirements

Server Components
TouchWorks EHR version 10.2 or higher – required because this technology is built to leverage the Image Link functionality within AllscriptsTouchWorks EHR.

Source Interface
This is the vendor/product that generates the result and PDF Document. Although the example above is based on an HL7 Message, the interface can be written to handle a
wide variety of formats with the PDF Document.

Target Interfaces
Result Interface – this processes the standard result into Allscripts TouchWorks EHR, with an identifier to the Image Link functionality.
Custom PDF Interface – this processes the PDF document into a custom database for access through the Allscripts TouchWorks EHR application. The PDF Document is linked to the result through a unique
identifier filed in the result Interface.

Custom Microsoft SQL Database
A custom database is created to store the PDF documents.
Can be installed on a single server or cluster environment.
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is required.

Custom Web PDF Viewer
Enables a custom application to view the PDF Document per result. It is accessed through the Allscripts TouchWorks EHR Image Link functionality.
Can be installed on a single web server or a load balanced environment.
ASP.NET 2.0 or higher is required.

Client Components
Adobe Reader is required on the client to view the PDF document through the web application.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6+ or similar browser

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