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A more efficient way to manage prenatal elements within your patient charts

Designed by a committee of OB/GYNs with prenatal care best practices and efficiency in mind, the Byte Sized Solutions (BSS) Prenatal App is a digital ACOG antepartum add-on for EHR applications. 

One of the best-known and most widely used standardized prenatal records in the OB/GYN community is the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ prenatal record, or ACOG Antepartum Record. How well ACOG forms are integrated into a provider’s EHR determines the extent to which the provider’s task of completing the ACOG is easy, accurate and helpful in the delivery of good prenatal care.


Features and Benefits

Intuitive UI: The Prenatal App proactively and intuitively guides users through prenatal forms workflow to increase the quality of prenatal care delivery and automates the ACOG workflow to eliminate redundant data entry. 

Pre-populates Previously Captured Clinical Data: Data that exists in the chart, such as vitals, test results and problems, automatically flows into the app. When these values are changed in the chart, those changes flow over, keeping the prenatal module up to date.

On Demand Document Generation: Data from the Prenatal App can be viewed by those without access, via ACOG documents generated upon demand and stored as documents in the chart.

ACOG-Recommended Guidelines Built-in: Incorporating ACOG guidelines into the workflow, eliminates the possibility of user data-entry error for many values.

Efficient Data Collection and Reporting: EHR Prenatal works with your EHR application to simplify problem lists so a provider can focus on prenatal care.

Improved Patient Safety: Automated data entry eliminates the possibility of user data entry error.

Problem List Flexibility: Enables the flexibility to hide non-prenatal elements from the problem list and add any unique problems that might improve provider/patient interactions.

Field-level Contention Resolution: Allows two users to save changed data fields every 15 seconds, even if another user is working in the same patient’s record at the same time.

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