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Close gaps in care for individual patients at the point of care with QIS Inform.


On Point at the Point of Care

QIS Inform is a point of care application that works directly at the patient level in Allscripts TouchWorks EHR to provide actionable identification of gaps in care. QIS Inform notifies the provider and clinical staff of gaps in care for each patient through a unique color-coded icon built into an easy-to-use interface indicating the status of the patient’s quality metrics. A red signal indicates the presence of measures where the patient is not meeting goal. An orange signal indicates measures needing immediate clinical action and/or documentation is missing. Yellow indicates measures that are not failing nor past due to date, but will be past due in the near future. Finally, a green signal indicates clinical quality measures for the patient currently being met and/or passing. Additionally, each color-coded signal also is labeled with a number designating the exact number of measures in each status.


Integration with Allscripts TouchWorks EHR

With QIS Inform, you can monitor gaps in patient care by referencing the built-in signal icon which appears throughout the TouchWorks EHR (TWEHR) application via the TWEHR Patient Banner. Further details about the patient’s measures, along with streamlined workflows, can be gained by accessing the EagleDream Health (EDH) Inform patient profile via single sign-on buttons from the TWEHR Clinical Desktop or Note Authorizing Workspace screens.

QIS-INFORM-devices.jpgThe EDH Inform patient profile provides a global view of all Gaps in Care for the patient in context plus demographics, clinical details (problem list, lab results, vital signs, etc.), and the attributed primary care physician. The dashboard also allows the clinical staff and providers to close gaps by entering updated result details which immediately flow back into the TWEHR system, updating both the QIS Inform signal icon and TouchWorks EHR.



Point of Care That Integrates with Population Health

With its integration in Allscripts TouchWorks EHR, QIS Inform provides a bi-directional data exchange between the EDH Inform population health application and the EHR. This ability to identify specific gaps in care for individual patients while offering an unprecedented view of your overall patient population is a game-changer. Incorporating QIS Inform into your daily workflow provides critical actionable data to close gaps in care for individual patients while empowering care managers to proactively monitor overall population health.


The Future of Healthcare Performance Management

QIS Inform is part of a comprehensive value-based care Population Health analytics suite that includes Point of Care prompting, Care Management, Population Health and Financial analytics, while integrating directly into Allscripts TouchWorks EHR. This integration provides a bi-directional data exchange between QIS Inform and TouchWorks EHR, offering actionable gaps in care notifications for individual patients while providing an unprecedented view of your overall patient population.

The EDH Inform and Navigate modules of this suite provide the insights, risk stratification and proactive care management tools you need as you transition from a volume to a value-based care model. Utilizing powerful predictive algorithms, the EDH Population Health solution allows you to effectively identify and manage high-risk patients, improving the overall quality and financial performance of your practice. Incorporating EDH Inform into your daily workflow provides critical data, empowering care managers to monitor overall population health while proactively closing gaps in care for individual patients.

QIS-Inform-Screen-1.jpgQIS Inform - Identifies Gaps In Care 

Quality information measures are a key component of QIS Inform and are directly integrated into Allscripts TouchWorks EHR to support daily workflow. The QIS Inform signal icon identifies gaps in care within the patient chart--red, orange, yellow, and green symbols alert care teams to take timely and appropriate action.


EDH-Inform.jpgEDH Inform - Know Your Population Health

Understanding your patient population is at the core of value-based care management, and Inform from EagleDream Health offers a comprehensive and interactive practice database that reveals health trends, morbidity, and risk within your patient population. The intuitive graphic user interface allows users to view overall population characteristics quickly, and easily drill-down to the individual patient profile.


Navigate-Screen.jpgEDH Navigate - Care Management

Enroll patients in care management, monitor patients under care management, and document interventions with care management notes that flow seamlessly back into the patient chart.  Enable care team workflows to close patients’ gaps in care in advance of their next appointment.  The Navigate dashboard allows providers to filter and sort by various options including; appointment date ranges, condition registry participation, risk scores and gaps in care.


Perform-Screen.jpgEDH Perform - Understand and Manage Value-Based Financial Data

A financial analytics module that uses paid claims data to help understand and manage resource utilization. The application helps ensure success in clinical and financial outcomes in value-based care by providing physicians and practices with comparative performance analytics on multiple key clinical resource utilization metrics, including ED visit volumes, high-cost radiology, and office-sensitive ED visits.




  • Quickly Visualize Gaps In Care - Identify gaps at the point of care with our QIS Inform signal icon directly into TouchWorks EHR, with the ability to take action in real time to easily close the gaps.

  • Improved Patient Outcomes – Give clinicians and quality management teams immediate feedback on patient quality performance metrics. 

  • Full Allscripts Integration – Access QIS Inform through the TouchWorks EHR or through the EDH Inform cloud-based application via any web-connected device.

  • Actionable Information - Rely on QIS Inform to quickly highlight and triage patients' needs to ensure quality care delivery.

  • Comprehensive - Provides condition registry information as well as analysis of gaps in care.

  • Enhance Productivity - Use QIS Inform as a productivity tool to improve providers' compliance ratings, leading to better patient care and support of efforts for metric reporting.

  • Real-time Reporting - Immediate feedback on patient quality performance measures