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Instantly scan patient documents and capture patient photos directly into GE Centricity Group Management. 

EHR QuickScan is a GE Centricity Group Management (GPMS) add-on that allows patient document scanning and photo capture during the front desk verification and check-in process. With a scanner and web camera at the front desk, documents and photos are easily captured, verified and inserted into the patient’s GE Centricity Group Management record.

 With EHR QuickScan You Can:

• Scan patient ID and health related documents at patient check-in

• Capture patient photos at the front desk with a simple web camera

• Save documents and photos directly into digital folders

> Improve Customer Service – Quickly acquire and input patient information to speed-up the patient check-in process

> Increase Productivity – Instantly scan, capture and insert important patient documents and images directly into GE Centricity Group Management

> Reduce Errors – Avoid risky mistakes by eliminating manual input and handling of important patient data

> Seamless – integrates directly into GE Centricity Group Management

Scan and Integrate Documents Directly Into GE Centricity Group Management


EHR QuickScan allows the user to easily scan documents, such as patient insurance cards and driver’s licenses. The New Scan button prompts the user to indicate the type of document being scanned as well as a description. The Scan Image button allows the user to adjust the scan settings and scan the image. The Save Image button completes the process.





Capture and Attach Patient Photos Into GE Centricity Group Management


The EHR QuickScan add-on application places a Patient Photo Tab onto both the Patient Demographic and the Appointment Detail screens. As part of the front desk registration process, when the user clicks on the Photo Tab, a webcam captures the new patient photo and stores it on a dedicated SQL database. For existing patients who already have photos on file, photos are automatically retrieved from the database and displayed via this Photo Tab. The user verifies the patient’s identity and updates the photo, as needed.

System Requirements

GE Centricity GE Centricity Group Management Specifications:

  • No additional requirements to existing Group Management Web Server
  • Windows Server 2003 or above
  • .NET 2.0 or above framework

User PC Requirements:

  • EHR QuickScan program and INI file installed on each user’s PC, along with a Desktop Shortcut into Centricity
  • IE versions up through 11

Database Server Requirements:

  • SQL Server 2005 Standard or higher
  • For Centricity Group Management stand-alone solution: New SQL server database installed, along with EHR QuickScan SQL server tables/stored procedures
  • For Centricity Group Management/AHS Enterprise integrated solution: EHR QuickScan SQL server tables/stored procedures installed on existing Works database server

Hardware Requirements:

  • Any web camera (i.e. Logitech, Labtec)
  • Any scanner

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