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Relocate or Access Legacy Health Records with a Web-based Conversion Service


EHRStatic is a web-based electronic patient record application that provides a simple and cost effective alternative to a full EHR data conversion for maintaining your current legacy EHR systems. With the trend toward consolidation and alignment of health systems, many physician practices find themselves dealing with legacy patient data as they transition to new EHR systems.


Until now, the only options were to convert old patient data into a new system which is costly and complex, or to leave the patient records running on old servers and software which is a time-consuming maintenance headache.

EHRStatic offers a better option, a web-based application that aggregates old patient records from single or multiple sources into a simple and easy to use interface that integrates with your current EHR or can be used as a standalone application.

Unlike a full conversion with data mapping which is often very expensive and time consuming, EHRStatic captures a complete snapshot of the patient record data from a single source or multiple sources and presents it in a web viewer for easy access.


Reduce conversion costs & implement-ation time by 50%


View patient records from multiple EHR systems in a single aggregated chart


Maintain data and naming conventions from existing systems


Integrates with most EHR systems or can be used as a stand-alone