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EHR Interoperability

Practices Want Better EHR Interoperability. We are answering that call in 2018.

At EHR Integration Services 2018 is the Year of Interoperability. We plan on being a catalyst through change by bringing cutting-edge, EHR interoperability solutions to practices that want to improve, excel, and achieve their care goals. 

What is Interoperability?

Interoperability is the functional ability of different health information systems to share and exchange data across organizational boundaries. Additionally, these disparate systems must be able to interpret and use exchanged data. In layman's terms, interoperability is communication between different stakeholders in the clinical and practice environment, whether they be patients, physicians, or other clinical staff members, such as nurses.

craiig.jpgEHRis President Craig Luce discusses the importance of interoperability. 

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Why is Interoperability Important?

Interoperability is the key ingredient to value-based care. It enables practices to operate efficiently through seamless record-sharing and communication. Less time spent on time-consuming tasks, such as manual document filing, means a more efficient and profitable practice, allowing everyone to focus on serving patients. The rise of Accountable Care Organizations and the Value-based care model are driving the need for greater interoperability. Providing quality care is now the priority and expectation of healthcare organizations. This is impossible to accomplish without interoperability. Patients and providers alike need full access to important medical data, which improves care outcomes and provides a multitude of benefits for the patient.

How Are We Bringing Interoperability to HIT?

Ay EHR Integration Services, we are educating and informing practices and providers on interoperability through consultation,  thought leadership, innovative applications, and a genuine commitment to improving healthcare technology. Our expert consultants leverage their experience and knowledge of the healthcare industry to guide practices to better interoperability. We also plan to apply the foundational values of EHR Integration Services which is a devotion to client satisfaction and improving the lives and health of patients across the country. 

EHRis Interoperability Solutions:

InteleFiler is the smart document filing solution your practice needs. Powered by DISC Corporation’s SmartFiler™ technology,  to provide caregivers with a comprehensive, end-to-end document filing and workflow automation solution.

QIS Inform
QIS Inform is a point of care application that works directly at the patient level in Allscripts TouchWorks EHR to provide actionable identification of gaps in care. 

Chart2PDF is an efficient application designed to save healthcare practitioners time, money, and resources on exporting patient records. It seamlessly exports single or multiple patient charts to a PDF file and is fully integrated with Allscripts TouchWorks.  

EHR Barcode Reader
EHR Barcode Reader is an add-on application that streamlines the collection and documentation of vaccinations and medications administered directly into Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR via a 2D barcode reader.

EHR Interfaces
Powered by QIE, this SaaS solution handles the installation and ongoing maintenance of your interface providing improved clinical workflow, reduced overhead expenses, and systems interoperability.

EHR Conversions
We provide end-to-end EHR Conversion Solutions to health organizations that are transitioning to a new EHR. This includes the EHR Clinical Dashboard, which addresses legacy patient data that needs to be archived.

craiig.jpgYour Interoperability Strategy Should Grow With You

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