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EHR Consulting 

Optimize Your Practice From Patient Check-in to the Back Office


The Perfect Practice Evaluation

Perfect Practice EHR Consulting is the journey that will improve your practice through careful analysis, strategic planning, effective implementation and annual review & updates. We begin with a practice-wide review of your current healthcare technology, workflow, performance and goals of your organization.  Our focus is to increase practice efficiency while reducing workflow fatigue, stress, and frustration among physicians and staff. All this, while you continue to improve quality of care and patient satisfaction - it's all part of what we call Perfect Practice.


EHR Consulting Discovery

During our EHR Discovery, we collaborate to watch, listen and learn how your team practices medicine and manages healthcare every day. Then we begin working with your team to document and identify ways to improve workflow and efficiency within your practice's healthcare technology systems. At the end of the EHR Discovery process, a comprehensive Healthcare Technology Report is prepared for your team with recommendations and a road map for future improvements.

"Our Commitment is to the improvement of care delivery and your bottom line through "Perfect Practice” – our proven consulting and service philosophy providing the perfect approach to data integration solutions. Call us and let's talk."

- Craig Luce, President

EHR Consulting Strategic Plan 

The outcome of our EHR Discovery process is a Strategic Plan developed specifically for your practice based on our observations and interactions with your practitioners and staff. This plan provides a foundation and framework for implementation and management of changes and improvements to the workflow creating a Perfect Practice moving forward.

When it’s time for implementation, EHR Integration Services is ready to make it happen. From design through delivery, we provide all of the services required to make your Strategic Healthcare Technology Plan a reality. We collaborate with your team to coordinate and implement plan, providing continuous training and support throughout the process.


Obsessive Support

Support doesn’t stop at go-live, we remain available for as long as you need us, and we pride ourselves in making each problem easier to resolve. We usually have the answer for you right away and if we don’t, we won’t stop working until your problem is solved. It's one of those things that differentiates us from the rest.


Annual Check-up - Maintaining System Health

Once thing is certain, Healthcare Technology constantly changes and evolves. We know that the strategic plans, priorities and goals are subject to change over time. Our Healthcare Technology Strategic Plan provides a “base line” from which we can continue to monitor and help your practice improve. In the spirit of keeping your environment healthy, EHR offers an annual check-up service to assess what has changed since the plan’s original implementation to keep your strategic plan in line with your goals and objectives.

PPA LogoEHR Integration Services is helping define the future of the physician practice through collaboration with the Perfect Practice Alliance - a consortium of Healthcare Technology companies focused on improving patient care and practice efficiency through healthcare technology.

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