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A Managed Interface SaaS Solution That Connects Everything


A Purposeful "Human" Approach to Application Interfaces


EHR Interfaces Built For People - Your People

Successful EHR Interface development relies on knowledge, technology, observation and a good dose of common sense. We are always mindful that interfaces are for people and continuously look for ways to improve workflow, create operational efficiencies, reduce tedious tasks and provide the critical information needed when and where you need it. Of course, this is done with an eye on improving patient care and increasing profitability.

Sound impossible? Not in our world - it's all part of Perfect Practice.


Ambulatory - Connections That Improve Performance

You’ll find that we don’t simply build a pipeline to connect disparate healthcare information systems to your EHR, unlike most companies. EHR Integration Services will evaluate your EHR interface needs with a focus on optimal data capture and placement of mission-critical elements. Our experienced EHR interface consultants have the talent to get the right data to the right place, at the right time.

NOTE: As a certified service and development partner with Allscripts, we can implement your TouchWork EHR interfaces from start to finish.

"EHR Integration Services looks at the big data picture and asks the right questions about interface development and workflow improvements…We think about data integration from an entirely different perspective now. It’s a great value-add for us."

- Lisa Baker, Health Information System Administrator, Urology Associates of North Texas

Practice Management Interfaces- In The Trenches With You Everyday

We develop and support practice management interfaces every day – our consultants regularly train clients on interface development skills, and have extensive HL7, ConnectR interface engine, and PM vendor expertise. There are no ambulatory interface challenges we aren’t willing to tackle.

NOTE: As a certified service partner with GE Healthcare we can implement your Centricity Group Management interfaces from start to finish.

Here is a list of some of the Practice Management Interfaces in our Interface Library:

• Inbound Registration 
• Inbound Charges 
• Inbound Payments 
• Outbound Registration 
• Outbound Scheduling 
• Outbound Charges

Health Information Exchange - Making The Right Connections

Integrating inpatient and outpatient data, ensuring the continuity of patient care, and providing better decision support at the point of care – these are the complex challenges that we address in our HIE implementations. We have implemented HIE interface solutions to address numerous RHIO, HIN and Enterprise HIE initiatives.

“The EHR Integration team has provided Holzer with complex interface solutions that have removed long-standing data sharing roadblocks between systems”

- Scott Mash, Manager of Clinical & Ancillary Applications, 
Holzer Health System, Gallipolis, Ohio

Innovation Lab - Anything Is Possible In The Lab

When a typical interface is just not enough, we dig deep into understanding your unique data integration and messaging needs and work hard to develop an elegant solution – our “outside-the-box” thinking utilizes interface engines in ways you may not have even imagined. And our Innovation Lab team is anxious to crack your next "unsolvable" interface problem whether it's an EHR Interface or Practice Management Interface.


The ConnectR Monitoring Service is a windows service that provides 24/7 stability for ConnectR Interfaces/Server. This means that your interfaces stay connected and business critical interfaces have a process that is checking in on them around the clock. Key features that this tool provides:

  • Configure some or all systems to be monitored by this service.
  • Kills orphaned/unused ConnectR processes and frees up resources.
  • Detects when systems are hung (stuck in starting, stopping, initiating states) and gets them back up and running.
  • Detects when a system may show that it is running but it is not actually attached to a process at the system level (database has old information and does not reflect what is actually happening on the server) and gets them back up and running.
  • Email notifications alerting you that service started, stopped, or there is an error.
  • Logs statistics so you can capture what interfaces encounter issues, frequency of issues, etc.

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