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Perfect Practice - Our Personal Commitment To You

Our Perfect Practice commitment means we've got your back, with short or long-term support, interface specific or application-wide help, hourly or annual maintenance agreements. Whether you just want us to fix the problem or mentor your staff in resolving issues in house; we know that your support requirements may vary over time so at EHRis we strive to be as accommodating as possible in meeting your support needs. 

Customer Support

We know EHRis is more accommodating than any other company you will encounter. Every one of our expert and seasoned support staff has over 10 years of experience in the application and healthcare industry. In fact, many of them have joined our company after working directly with the very application you may need help with. Go to our Team page and check out their credentials.  

"Every customer we work with has a direct line of communication with our Customer Support Services Team. Our rapid response and resolution to client’s support issues sets us apart from other support services. We make it easy for customers to submit, update and review their Support Cases, track the progress of their Projects, and even review and approve Sales Quotes and Invoices – all within our convenient and easy to use EHRis Client Portal."

David Sander, Director of Operations

ConnectR Support - Hot Line Assistance When you Need It

Clients we train on ConnectR interface development automatically receive short-term support after their training. This service helps reinforce the lessons learned and guides the user through the initial hurdles inherent in developing new interfaces and monitoring ConnectR. Long-term support is also available throughout the year, to ask questions, review interfaces, or get the help needed to move interfaces into production.

Interface Support - Make Us Part of Your Team

EHRis provides direct support for the interfaces we develop for you. We know that once your interface is up and running, work processes continue to evolve: your data messaging needs may change, upgrades occur, servers might be moved, etc. Whatever situation puts your existing interfaces at risk, we are here to make sure they continue to perform as expected, when needed.

Training and Mentoring - We're Focused on Your Success

As a certified training, service and support partner for Allscripts and GE Healthcare, we offer training and mentoring programs that result in improving the knowledge, skills, and productivity of Allscripts and GE Healthcare application users. We have found that an organization's initial investment in an employee's training has a higher return when the employee receives post-training support for a period of time. To reinforce learning, our workshop and webinar participants put what they've learned into practice. We provide short-term and long-term support on a monthly basis.


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EHRis is helping define the future of the physician practice through collaboration with the Perfect Practice Alliance - a consortium of Healthcare Technology companies focused on improving patient care and practice efficiency through healthcare technology.  Visit the Perfect Practice Alliance website >