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EHR Training That Makes You The Master Of Your Domain


EHR Training Overview

EHR Integration Services is an Allscripts developer and service partner, providing the ConnectR, v11Note and Analytics training and support needs of the Enterprise EHR client base. We are also a service partner with GE Healthcare providing the ConnectR training, installation and support needs of GE’s Centricity Group Management, MCA and RIS-IC customers. Our EHR training services vary in their delivery format, schedule and pricing in order to better accommodate our clients' preferences. Click on the specific EHR training program of interest to view the Training Description and to request more information. Every EHR training and education event, whether it is an in-class workshop or a live webinar, is designed and delivered by EHR Integration Services’ consultants who work closely to support our clients every day. No matter which program you choose to attend, you are sure to benefit from an expert EHR trainer, consultant and coach.

Analytics EHR Training

The Allscripts TouchWorksTM Analytics EHR Training, designed by EHR Integration Services, is geared specifically for Analytics users who want to increase their working knowledge and skills. It also helps those who want to use Analytics to make more informed and effective decisions that result in bottom-line impacts for their organization. Participants learn the basic search and report capabilities of Analytics and dive deep into some advanced search and cross-tab features, while exploring real client use cases and completing hands-on lessons. The Analytics test/demo environment used in this EHR training program showcases one of EHR’s Perfect Practice clients.

View the Analytics Training Description

v11Note Training

Mastering v11Note in Allscripts TouchWorks can be a daunting and challenging task, especially when your workflow depends on front-end users (providers/nurses) being experts in their note documentation. This training program is designed and delivered by the same EHRis consultants that support our v11Note clients, every day. The primary purpose of this program is to bring administrative staff along to a solid level of understanding of NoteAdmin—and all sessions are filled with advanced tips and tricks. The modules cover the complete v11Note spectrum—including a recap of workflow training of the Note Authoring Workspace (NAW) window, input/output template setup and NoteForm building. Even those already familiar with v11Note will benefit and move toward v11Note mastery. To reinforce and support what is taught in the program, each attendee will also receive an electronic copy of EHR Integration Services’ v11Note Training Manual—60 pages of click-by-click setup.

View the v11Note  Training Description

ConnectR Training

This EHR training program is specifically designed to teach you how to design and develop your own EHR interfaces in-house using ConnectR, and to administer and manage existing EHR interfaces on an on-going basis. It covers both the EHR consulting and technical skills you need in order to successfully leverage the full capability of the ConnectR tool. If you are an EHR interface developer, you will follow the entire Interface Development Process: from Visioning and Planning your interface strategy, all the way through the Design, Develop, Test and Production phases of ConnectR EHR interface development.

Many hands-on lessons are offered to ensure that you get the coaching you need so that you leave the program with the knowledge, confidence and skills to develop interfaces on your own. There are some modules in this program designed specifically for ConnectR administrators and some reserved for advanced ConnectR developers. All are purposely designed with the flexibility to address any organizational EHR interface training need.

View the ConnectR EHR Training Description

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