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Workflow Automation

Automation of repetitive manual processes is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. 

Despite their critical importance, we have discovered that opportunities to streamline processes are routinely overlooked at great cost. Most organizations are too consumed with day-to-day operations and remain unaware of the full range of technical solutions readily available. 

Let Byte Sized Solutions take this mission-critical task off your plate!

Byte Sized Solutions has a proven history of creating imaginative, user-friendly solutions to handle real-world healthcare process automation issues.

Our consultants excel at identifying cost-saving opportunities to automate manual processes by combining new and mature technologies to provide robust, extensible solutions. We have yet to find an organization that cannot improve efficiency and start saving money quickly by fine-tuning business processes with data automation.

We work with companies to examine and understand their current process design prior to automation. This way, we can design solutions to optimally accomplish process objectives rather than just blindly replicate manual tasks. 

At the same time, we understand that employees often react defensively to the change that accompanies process automation, so we strive to provide user-friendly solutions that will shift their focus to the benefits of new applications.

Below are a few examples of common process automation projects for review:

  • Adjudicating of split-risk claim processes 
  • Form Processing
  • Appointment Scheduling
Savings Solutions:
An Automation Case Study
Byte Sized Solutions was recently challenged by a client to streamline the process of adjudicating its split-risk claims, a process they were certain could not be improved. Within a few days, our consultants designed an automated data process that reduced staff interaction by almost half, eliminated scan vendor costs and dramatically reduced response time.

The solution automatically downloads claim PDFs from a secure third-party site and parses them into EDI 837 documents. Most claims are now adjudicated by new automated business rules that eliminate manual review. Remaining claims are directly submitted to the secure third-party site once adjudicated in the back-end system.


"We were able to reduce our adjudication turnaround within a few weeks from ten to three days. We now have a process that is user-friendly, makes our workload easier and more enjoyable and saves us money."

Verdie Samko, Director
Advocate Physician Partners