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Care Setting Solutions For Physician Practices

Perfect Practice - A Human Approach To Healthcare Technology

In a hectic Practice environment, the last thing anyone needs are inefficient processes that burn time, waste money, frustrate employees and don't provide the required result. Our healthcare productivity applications are driven by practice requirements. We continually strive to solve real problems that make life in the practice better, easier, and more efficient. That's why we call it Perfect Practice, and it drives everything we do.

Front Desk 


The front desk is the first touch-point for patients as they begin their experience with your practice. In today's competitive customer-driven economy the importance of prompt and efficient “customer care” is becoming a critical factor for patient experience and satisfaction.

We review patient check-in procedures to understand the patient experience as we look to identify bottlenecks in workflow patterns and their root cause. Then we recommend ways to improve the patient experience and staff productivity including workflow, systems and applications. 



Patient Check-in & Experience 

Patient Photo and ID Scanning

Patient Digital File Import Utility

Clinical & Practice Workflow


We recognize that the most complex piece of the patient management process is patient intake, clinical exam, documentation, and care planning. 

Our clinical and practice management workflow applications are designed to improve the clinical workflow process and enhance EHR systems for better efficiency, accuracy, and usability.  

From quality measures and prenatal ACOG documentation, to practice analytics and the integration of legacy patient data into daily workflow, our clinical & PM applications will improve practice workflow for your practice. 



Quality Information System

Health Clinical Analytics and Population Health

ACOG Prenatal forms management

PDF Viewer Plug-in for Allscripts TouchWorks

Barcode Reader Application 


Back Office Productivity


The back office is the operational and financial backbone of your practice. Inefficiency in the back office contributes to lost time, decreased revenue, cash flow problems, and unhappy patients and staff. 

Our applications help improve productivity in your back office and reduce document workflow bottlenecks that directly impact your bottom line. Use our applications for chart preparation and exporting, electronic file management, as well as reporting and analysis.




Electronic Patient Record Input 

Chart Audit Management

Health Information Systems - Extractions | Conversions | Interfaces | Business Continuity

downtime-solutions.jpgAs practices continue to have greater dependency on practice management and EHR systems, the result of a system failure during office hours is an unwelcome disruptive event, causing inefficiency, lost revenue and reduce quality in patient care. 

Our practice down time solutions will enable your practice to continue on with your normal workflow during a system or data disaster, maintaining the high level of service and quality care that your patients expect.



EHRis is helping define the future of the physician practice through collaboration with the Perfect Practice Alliance - a consortium of Healthcare Technology companies focused on improving patient care and practice efficiency through healthcare technology.  Visit the Perfect Practice Alliance website >