Population Health Management: The Essentials

The first blog post in our series on population health management. This post provides a brief, yet comprehensive overview of the essentials of population health management.

Improving ACO Efficiency and Effectiveness: Getting the Data You Want and Need

March 2, 2017- Dr. Howard Beckman, Chief Medical Officer at EagleDream Health, writes about how to improve an ACO to get useful data.

Manage Your Population Health One Patient at a Time

Evolving market and regulatory forces are changing the healthcare IT industry. This has a significant impact on a practice's ability to manage population health effectively. Read how QIS Inform is the best tool to address your challenges with population health management.

Close Care Gaps with Population Health Management

November 22,2016 - Population health management has become a critical element in today’s delivery of healthcare. The goal of managing health populations is to close gaps in the care process and deliver the best care possible at the most appropriate cost levels. In order to accomplish this complex task, a technology platform is needed that can continuously classify patients into risk groups,…

Finding the Right Balance Between Measurement and Improvement

In the April 5, 2016 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Don Berwick, MD offers an insightful interpretation of the health care landscape.1 He describes three eras of medicine and healthcare. Era 1 is the ascendancy of the profession, anchored in beneficence and professionalism. During this time, physicians were trusted to do the right thing for their patients.