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The MACRA 2018 Final Rule is Here

Are you ready for MACRA? As the national healthcare system shifts towards a value-based care system, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) are implementing their own value-based model and have provided the final rule for MACRA 2018 linking provider reimbursement to measures of cost-effective, high-quality care.

MACRA (Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act) is intended to drive payment and delivery reforms for Medicare which will have an impact on most healthcare providers including practices, health systems, hospitals, and payers. If you are uncertain about how MACRA will affect you, or you are concerned about the complexities and details of complying with the 2018 MACRA Rules, then you have come to the right place.

EHR Integration Services is offering a comprehensive consulting service that will provide a MACRA strategy and execution plan based on your organization's incentive objectives. Our team has studied the rulings and are well-versed and prepared to create a plan that maximizes your reimbursement incentives while maintaining compliance with the new CMS rules.


QRUR Consulting

We will review your 2016 QRUR (Quality and Resource Use Report) from the CMS with you to evaluate your performance assessment and help with operational changes that can improve results. We can also advise on reporting mechanisms to maximize incentives, beneficiary attribution and validation for cost, assess capital costs for implications to establish control plans for Diabetes and other chronic diseases and more.

The next feedback from CMS will be published in July of 2018.


MACRA Advisory

If you feel like MACRA is a massive amount of information to digest and unsure of which direction to head, you’re not alone. We have read the CMS final rule and are ready to provide the advisory services you need to navigate the complexity of the rulings and requirements. We will answer all of your MACRA related questions and help you determine the best approach to maximize reimbursement, develop cost control strategies and establish performance monitoring for overall CPS scores.


MACRA Program Management

This is a full-service offering that includes MACRA Advisory and execution of the strategy for your organization. These services are directed towards physicians or groups that want to focus on their practice and let an experienced professional guide them through the MACRA process.

The MACRA Program Management services will establish a strategy based on your organizational objectives and manage the projects through attestation. The program delivers a scope document then delivers project plans outlining roles and responsibilities, tasks, owners, and timelines. We also work with CMS, payers, and ACOs on behalf of your organization, delivering a program completion report and documentation to CMS at the end of the process. 

This is a brief overview of our MACRA Consulting Services. To begin the MACRA consulting process, contact Jamie Steck.

Jamie Steck
315-707-7843 ext 111


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