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EHRis at the NextGen User Group Meeting 2018

EHRis is now a NextGen Enterprise API Premier Partner. When achieving healthcare systems interoperability is your goal, teaming up with the right technology partner is essential to success. Our organizations collaborate on how to best optimize technology that helps practices operate efficiently, perform better, and, ultimately, improve patient care outcomes.Together, we are building up and strengthening the next generation of life-changing healthcare technology.

UGM Conference Highlights

Vendor Showcase Presentation
Tuesday, November 13 | 1:30 pm - 2:45 pm
Join us for the UGM Vendor Showcase. This a live demonstration and Q & A session with NextGen's API Beta Partners, including EHRis. See applications that have been created using the NextGen Enterprise API and what's possible for your practice's needs. Jamie Steck will be presenting and demonstrating our add-on solution, EHR Barcode Reader. You don't want to miss the exciting and informative showcase.

 Keynote Speaker; Jake Wood, Team Rubicon

Jake Wood is a cofounder and chief executive officer of Team Rubicon, a nonprofit disaster response organization that utilizes the skills of veterans to deploy emergency response teams.

Featured Speaker Betty; Rabinowitz, MD, NextGen Healthcare

Dr. Betty Rabinowitz is the Chief Medical Officer at NextGen. We know Dr. Rabinowitz from EagleDream Health, one of our earliest technology partners who helped us develop QIS Inform. Her presentation will be a conference highlight you won’t want to miss.



NextGen Integrated Interoperability Solutions

EHR Barcode Reader

Sometimes the most simple solutions have the most impact on your practice. Utilizing 2D Barcode scanning technology, the EHR Barcode Reader Add-On Application is a simple solution that streamlines the collection of med or vaccine data. EHR Barcode Reader instantly collects med or vaccine data and populates key fields in your EHR including Lot, NDC, and Expiration Date. This solution streamlines your med and vaccine workflow and helps your practice improve systems interoperability, workflow efficiency, and data accuracy.

Benefits by the numbers:

  • 15 Clicks eliminated per entry

  • 5 Hour reduction in weekly staff entry time

  • 90% reduction in vaccine entry errors


Chart2PDF is an add-on solution designed to save providers time and resources when exporting patient records. It provides for efficient conversion of patient charts to the PDF document format specifically for your EHR system. As one of our interoperability applications, Chart2PDF helps strengthen your clinical and financial performance, while taking meaningful steps to unify and connect your HIT ecosystem.

Key Features:

  • Generate 1000+ Pages per Minute

  • On Demand (Individual Charts) and Batch Automation (Group) Workflow Options

  • Output as few as 1 and as many as 10,000 charts in a Batch


Did you know that  70% of healthcare providers are unhappy with their practice medical records management? Every healthcare organization struggles at some point with EHR document filing and workflow because it’s time-consuming. InteleFiler is an intelligent document filing solution that automates your document workflow and improves operational efficiency.

Here’s how it works; on the front end, your documents including fax, paper, PDF, and data from other sources are accepted and then analyzed, categorized, and indexed directly into your EHR. The application associates demographic data with the appropriate patient record and determines open orders based on document type and any rules that have been defined by your practice. Your EHR then sends that information back to InteleFiler so it can determine order status and tasking, enter into the EHR, and notify the appropriate providers.