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Automate filing of patient records to improve accuracy and operational efficiency


Workflow vs. Work Slow

Unfiled patient documents are a common challenge that all healthcare providers have, with up to 1 million pages of unfiled documents for every 100 providers annually. InteleFiler leverages advanced technology, combining intelligent document management and workflow automation, that indexes and places documents directly into your patient’s health record. The application standardizes and automates the file to chart workflow process resulting in greater accuracy and efficiency while decreasing staff resources devoted to manually filing and entering data into an EHR.


Automatically Capture and Manage Fax and Digital Documents

InteleFiler incorporates SmartFiler analysis technology to your front end workflow. SmartFiler’s automated indexing looks at headers, keywords, logos, data, lines, and grids as it reads and analyzes scanned documents, faxes, and PDFs. When SmartFiler identifies key data such as patient, document type, date of service and provider, it provides this information to InteleFiler so workflow rules can be applied and the document can be processed into the EHR.


Apply Workflow Rules to Automate Patient Chart Input

InteleFiler indexes critical information and applies workflow rules to place document and discrete data into your patient's chart. Manual tasks such as order management, physician tasking and closing workflow and lab orders are automated by InteleFiler, allowing your staff resources to be utilized more effectively.

Electronic documents are first processed by SmartFiler and handed off to InteleFiler, where they are automatically detected and displayed individually in the InteleFiler application. The patient chart look-up can be done automatically via workflow rules or the user can search for the patient record manually. Reconciling of matching patient orders can also be automated and populated based on workflow rules, or entered manually.

InteleFiler Features & Benefits

  • Maximum 24-hour turnaround

  • 95% manual filing reduction

  • Reduced filing errors and operational costs

  • HIPAA compliant

  • Consistent filing results

  • 99.99% reported accuracy rate

  • Automate filing of faxes, scanned paper documents, PDFs and more

  • Improve patient satisfaction with reduced wait times and better provider attention

  • Free up employees for more productive activities

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Auto Index & File into your EHR and Reduce Filing Time by 95%

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