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Barcode Reader for Vaccine & Meds Administration

EHR Integration Services is continually scanning for the latest and greatest technology to help your practice save time and money - while providing the very best medical care. That may seem like a contradiction in terms, but there are a number of clinical services your practice provides that are important and necessary, yet at the same time, routine and time-consuming.

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Products & Service Updates


Analytics: Can Data Change Lives?

Absolutely! When we’re talking about healthcare data and analytics, there is a tremendous amount of potential power contained in that simple word: “data," However, not all data is created equal. Some data is just – numbers. Other data has significant meaning that can help a physician, and a practice, prescribe, treat, manage, and ultimately, improve the quality of care offered to patients. 

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Got a Conversion Headache? Take One EHRStatic and Give us a Call!

With the trend toward consolidation and alignment of health systems, many physician practices find themselves dealing with legacy patient data as they transition to new EHR systems. Until now, your only options were to convert old patient data into a new system - which is costly and complex -  or to leave the patient records running on old servers and software - which is a time-consuming maintenance headache.

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Murfreesboro_WebNewsletter_300x200.jpgConnectR Replacement:
QIE Success Story at Murfreesboro Medical Center

Who doesn’t love a success story?  Certainly here at EHR Integration Services it’s what we strive for, for you, your patients - and as a primary goal of our company! Let’s take a look at Murfreesboro Medical Center and how they successfully addressed a transition to a ConnectR interface engine replacement in a very busy multispecialty clinic, in central Tennessee.

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News & Events

HIMSS_WebNewsletter_300x200.jpgEvents Happening: HIMSS16 Behind Us, CRUG Ahead

EHR Integration Services was proud and excited to exhibit at HIMSS16 for the first time under the umbrella of the Perfect Practice Alliance (PPA), along with its founding partners, National Physician Services and Byte Sized Solutions. Let’s take a look back at that successful event as we prepare to exhibit at Allscripts Central Regional User Conference (CRUG), this week.

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Stacey-Duran_WebNewsletter_300x200.jpgNew Team Member! Stacey Duran

We would like to welcome and introduce the newest member of the EHR Integration Services team, Stacey Duran. Stacey brings extensive experience and enthusiasm to our customer relations & service area. We are very excited to have Stacey on board!

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