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ConnectR Replacement:
QIE success story at Murfreesboro Medical Center

Murfreesboro_WebNewsletter_300x200.jpgWho doesn’t like a success story?  Certainly here at EHR Integration Services it’s what we strive for, for you, your patients - and as a primary goal of our company!  Let’s take a look at Murfreesboro Medical Center and how they successfully addressed a transition to a ConnectR interface engine replacement in a very busy multispecialty clinic, in central Tennessee.


Company Background

Murfreesboro Medical Center (MMC)

  • Founded: in 1949 in Murfreesboro, TN

  • Staff: 600 total staff - including 5.5 full-time-equivalent IT staffers

  • Ownership: MMC has remained an independently owned practice

  • Physicians | Specialties | Locations: (70) MDs, covering more than (20) specialties, and (3) offices locations in the central Tennessee region

  • Patient Volume: MMC is a high volume practice, serving > 30,000 patients per month, while averaging > 1429 new patients per month. In addition, their Surgical Center performs more than 725 surgical cases on a monthly basis.



Murfreesboro was using the current version of Allscripts Touchworks® EHR with GE Centricity Group Management as its Practice Management tool, and ConnectR as its interface engine. In addition they had a requirement to transition to an alternative interface engine solution because ConnectR was at its product end-of-life stage.

Here are some of the challenges MMC faced with going into this project:

“In early 2015, we made the decision to migrate all of our interfaces from ConnectR to Qvera Interface Engine (QIE). Working closely with EHR Integration Services, we migrated most of our ConnectR interfaces in 3-months, including the addition of 2-new clinical applications. We feel like we have control of our IT strategy again!” 

John Grey, MHA 
IT Manager, Murfreesboro Medical Clinic

  • Very thin IT staff levels (5.5 FTE’s for 600-staff) = workload overflow

  • Medical records staff recruited to manage ConnectR errors = document filing and scanning backload and negative work flow ripple effect

  • Limited ConnectR error management capabilities = additional resources required to manage interfaces

  • No IT resources available to add new timesaving applications and technology = compromised company growth strategy and profitability goals.


Wish List

If the practice could have clapped their hands together and had their dreams magically come true, they hoped that a conversion to a new system would accomplish the following:

  • Maintain connectivity for its 20 interfaces

  • Offer more efficient workflows and better utilization of staff resources

  • Ensure scalability for additional workflows

  • Reduce the complexity of existing interfaces with more intuitive and user-friendly applications

  • Offer that all-important error management and product support

When MMC received news that ConnectR had a short timeline to Product EOL (End of Life) they decided it was no longer time to wish, but time to act!


The Decision Process

Murfreesboro wasn’t without IT knowledge and support, but they knew the time had come to move to the next level of technology sophistication if they were going to achieve their strategic goals. They knew what they wanted, so they set about looking for the right technology partner to provide it. They evaluated a range of vendors, looking for a long-term relationship with a proven partner that had expertise in their chosen EHR and add-ons.


The Solution

Ultimately, EHR Integration Services (EHRis) - an organization that offered the breadth and depth of experience Murfreesboro was seeking and a proven consulting team they trusted - offered the following integrated ConnectR replacement package:

  • Select Qvera’s QIE (Qvera Interface Engine) as a replacement Interface Engine solution

  • Manage migration of all existing interfaces to QIE

  • Manage addition of new planned interface integrations with QIE

  • Work with MMC to streamline and improve workflows for IT and medical records staff


The Results

EHR Integration Services was able to offer real numbers to back up claims of excellence. For Murfreesboro, we were able to achieve:

  • Interface migration (18 of 20 interfaces successfully within a 3-month period of implementation)

  • New application integration - RIS and Derm Pathology integrated

  • New application interface time reduced by 50%

  • Reallocated non-IT department staff back to working on appropriate departmental tasks

  • Reallocated IT staff to high-value projects, rather than inefficient troubleshooting and maintenance due to previous interface engine product short-comings

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