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October 2016 EHRis Newsletter

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Upcoming Events

OCT_EHRWebinar_300x200-91764.jpgWebinar: The Future of Healthcare Performance Management is QIS Inform

Join us on Tuesday, October 25th to get a first look at the new QIS Inform product from EHR Integration Services and EagleDream Health. This is not just another version of EHRQIS, it is a completely new product that leverages the best features and functionality of QIS and incorporates that into a world-class population health management application called Inform so together they create QIS Inform.

QIS Inform Webinar
Tuesday, October 25 at 1:00PM EST

Industry Insight


What Population Health Means to Your Practice

The term patient care used to refer to what a provider did for a person. It still does, but it now also refers to what providers do for groups. Population health, as this new group orientation is called, is a dramatically different kind of medicine than has traditionally been taught in medical schools. So it is no surprise that experienced and skilled providers are scratching their heads when asked to manage their patients as cohorts.

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Products & Service Updates


EHRis Launches New Product: QIS Inform


EHR Integration Services in partnership with EagleDream Health, Inc. is excited to announce a new version of QIS called QIS Inform. This is more than an upgrade of EHR QIS, it is a transformation to comprehensive healthcare analytics platform that incorporates population health management with the quality measures management of QIS.

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OCT_EHR-BarcodeBandit_300x200-99739.jpgAre You a Barcode Bandit?

If you're not walking around the practice with an EHR Barcode Scanner in your holster, then you should be. Why? Because EHR Barcode Reader will make your work day a whole lot better when it's time to deliver and document all of those immunizations, flu shots and medications to patients in your office. Find out how much more you can get done without the time-consuming documentation of a manual entry system.

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EHRis News

ACE-2016-1-300px.jpgWhy ACE is so Important to EHR Integration Services

Anyone who stopped by the EHR Integration Services booth at ACE 2016  in Las Vegas, last August may have noticed we do things a little differently than most companies at trade show events. Some of you may have even been framed in our Barcode Bandit "WANTED" poster. Check out our "ACE" review to see why this show means so much to us.

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