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The self-service patient check-in solution leader

EHRis and Clearwave Partnership

EHRis is proud to partner with Clearwave, an industry leader in patient check-in and eligibility solutions. We share a mutual vision of seamlessly connected health systems where patient experience and value-based outcomes are the top priority. The Clearwave solution is designed for top performance in any healthcare or clinical environment. Hospitals, health systems, and specialty practices of all sizes rely on Clearwave to streamline their patient check-in and management processes while enjoying improved practice-wide interoperability and operational efficiency.

EHR Integration Services and Clearwave Inc. collaborate to provide a seamless self-service patient registration solution via kiosk, desktop or mobile, allowing patients to check-in for appointments, remit payments and verify insurance eligibility. As one of EHR Integrations Perfect Practice Alliance Partners Clearwave is adds a valuable component to the Perfect Practice vision of an integrated practice with full interoperability between systems and applications. The Clearwave solution allows for real-time authentication, mobile check-in by patients at home or on-the-go, collections at the point of services, all in a customized patient experience.


About Clearwave

Clearwave specifically focuses on three areas; hospitals & health systems, physician practices, and specialty practices. What makes Clearwave stand out is their performance, high value, and features and benefits. The Clearwave solution features real-time data authentication, mobile check-in solutions, automated collections at the point of service, and a customized patient experience optimized by their electronic sign-in system. All of these features were developed with patient and provider satisfaction in mind and it shows.

Clearwave’s clients are diverse and widespread. They include practices and systems of all sizes and purposes such as the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center, UAB Health System, Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center, North Idaho Dermatology, Baptist Health, Marietta Eye Clinic, and the Montgomery Cardiovascular Associates. Every client has benefitted from Clearwave, transforming their patient intake experience, and improving key practice health indicators such as increased point-of-service revenue collections.